How Social Security Payments are Made

Payments for Social Security benefits are made electronically. This means that payments directly to your bank account can be made when you sign up for a direct deposit. Also, if you have a Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® account then you can get your benefits deposited in that account automatically as well. Thinking of booking an appointment with a Social Security representative? If so, remember that it’s possible to manage your Social Security benefits online as well.

Social Security Payments via Direct Deposit

Applying for direct deposit means you are getting safe, secure and simple means to get your benefits. The following information will be required if you apply:

  • Your Social Security number;
  • Financial institution’s routing transit number;
  • Account type (checking or savings)
  • Account number.

What is the Direct Express® card?

This card provides you with a means of accessing your benefit payments without needing a bank account. The program provides direct deposits into your card account. This card allows you to make purchases or pay bills at different locations using your benefit payments. Most transactions are free. Stolen or lost checks are a thing of the past with these cards.

In summary, the benefits of signing up for electronic payments include;

  • Safety. Your payments are safe and secure from being lost or stolen.
  • Ease. Easy to use and understand.
  • Convenience. You can use electronic payments at multiple locations around the country.

You can use The Direct Express® card to:

  • Make purchases.
  • Get cash.
  • Pay Bills.

How do I sign up for electronic payments?

You can sign up for electronic payments through the Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Contact Centre or a personal my Social Security account. This account gives you access to your earnings and work record, as well as your benefit verification letter. Recipients of disability, survivors or retirement benefits can also;

  • Change your address and phone number;
  • Start /change your direct deposit;
  • Request a replacement Medicare card;
  • For tax purposes, an SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S replacement can be printed.

Are there other options for electronic payments?

An electronic transfer account offers an alternative way of electronic payments. This is an account that is low-cost and federally insured making it safe, convenient and secure. Banks and credit unions offer these accounts.

Disability payments received can be affected by your pension. This depends on the type of disability benefits and type of pension. The pension is not affected by disability payments.

Disability Benefit Programs

The benefits offered by the Social Security Administration are;

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

There are differences between SSI and SSDI. Benefits and qualifying are governed by different rules in both programs.

Long-Term Disability Benefits

If you’ve applied for Social Security disability benefits then you will be receiving this type of coverage. This type of coverage provides income for disabled workers through employer-sponsored coverage or private insurance companies in a similar fashion to a pension plan.

Insurance providers regardless of the LTD type you have will require your SSD benefits application when your LTD collections begin. SSD benefits received can offset or reduce benefit payments to LTD insurance.

SSD Benefits

People who have been severely disabled while working can get SSD benefits. Whether you qualify or not depends on your age. SSD benefits should be applied for as soon as you become disabled.

Government Checks and Payments

Any lost, stolen, expired or missing federal check or deposit should be reported to the government agency issuing the payment.

The status of your claim can be explored through the office of Check Claims in the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

The Treasury Regional Financial Center can help you find out which government agency to contact.

Your payment is your right. Make sure you are accessing your right in a secure, safe and easy way.

Elliot Marks

Elliot Marks

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