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Managing Your Social Security Online

Managing your Social Security benefits online is a simple process. Once you get the hang of it, you might realize it’s faster than going to an office most of the time! The Social Security Administration offers several of their most popular services through their online platform, and it’s been saving people time every day.

Here is what you can do with your online Social Security account:

  • Request a replacement card
  • Report wages
  • Get a benefits verification letter
  • Check your benefit and payment information
  • Start or change direct deposit
  • Change your address or phone number

Having an online account is incredibly convenient, and it can save you time when it comes to long processes like replacing your social security card. Regardless, there will be some cases when you will not be able to fix your problem online. In the event you have set a security freeze or a fraud alert on your credit report you will need to visit your local Social Security Office in person, and an agent there will help you fix the issue.

Managing Social Security Online

Creating An Online Social Security Account

When creating your online account, you must have certain information to confirm your identity, and make sure your account information is secure. Setting up an online accoutn can help you take care of your Social Security responsibilities.

To set up your online account, you will need the following information:

  • A valid email address
  • Text-enabled cell phone number
  • A social security number
  • And a U.S. mailing address

For this step, you will need access to an email address or cell phone. Email addresses are free to sign up, and there are several platforms like Google and Yahoo that will walk you through setting up an email account. If you don’t have a text-enabled cell phone, you will be able to use your email address for the Activation code part of the process.

Personal Information

You will be asked to provide your full legal name, date of birth and other types of personal information for identity verification purposes. During this step, you will choose a username and password.

Phone Or Email Verification

You will be offered a choice for receiving a security code by either text message or email.

Once you receive your code you have up to 10 minutes to finish creating your account. This account verification code is used as an essential security measure, to protect your identity and personal information. Note that each time you log in to the SSA website, you will receive a one-time use code to your device required for logging in.

Verifying Social Security Account

Managing Social Security Benefits Online

After getting your account set up, you’ll have access to tons of resources that will help you manage and understand your Social Security benefits.

Benefit Verification Letter

This verification letter is a type of Social Security statement that proves you are receiving benefits of any kind from the SSA. Use this letter when applying for a loan or even if you are applying for Medicare.

Check Earnings Record

You will be able to check your earnings record online, and see how much money you may be entitled to once you retire, or qualify for disability. This tool can help determine when you should retire, and if your Social Security Income will be enough income.

Change Address Or Phone

This is one of the most popular tools online, because doing this in a local field office can take a lot of time! Online, you will able able to update your address and phone number to ensure you are receiving your benefits and can be notified if your account status changes.

Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct deposit can save you trips to the bank, and even trips to your mailbox! Settings up direct deposit means you can receive and manage your benefits instantly and efficiently.

Replacing Social Security Cards Online

Having a Social Security account online can make ordering replacement cards pain-free and fast. Unfortunately, you will have to wait the 10 business days it takes to receive mail from the SSA, but you could cut out that time with a temporary Social Security card if you need it the same day.

Getting A New Medicare Card

Medicare cards are important for doctor visits and picking up prescriptions. If you lose your Medicare card, be sure to order one online right away, so you can never be caught without it.

Replacement Social Security Card

Applying for a replacement Social Security card can take a while if you go into a field office. Doing it online is fast and simple once you have your online account setup. Remember that the SSA will never charge money for any of the provided services. Be weary of others who claim these processes cost money.


How Do I Find My Social Security Number Online?

Once you have set up your online Social Security account, you will be able to access your personal information and view your social security number at any time, assuming you haven’t memorized it.