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Can a Social Security Card Expire?

If you live in the United States, odds are when you were born you were issued a social security number when your parents sent off to the office of vital statistics in your state. Your social security number is unique to you and to only you. Your SSN is located on your social security card and is used as an identifier for you and will continue to be for the rest of your life.

What are Social Security Numbers Used For?

These numbers are used for things like tax files, to apply for credit cards and loans, and to apply for other important things that require a solid verification of who you are. For those that have a social security number, you also have a social security card. This card is going to have your number listed on it as well as your full name, first, middle, and last. These cards are good for life and do not expire.

Social Security Card

Why Might you Need a New Social Security Card?

Since these cards do not expire, it is helpful to note that there are some cases in which you may need a replacement social security card. The first and most obvious is if you lose your card. You will have to bring identifying information like your license, your birth certificate or a passport to prove who you are and apply for a new card.

Another reason you may need a new card is if you need to change the name on your social security card. It is required that the name listed on your social security card must match the name on your driver’s license and on any other pertinent identifying documents. This does not mean that the name on your card and the name on your birth certificate must match. A great example of a name change in which you may need another card is if you get married. The name change from marriage facilitates the need for a new card. In this case you would bring your marriage license to the social security office and get a new card issues based on that.

You do not need to get a new social security card if you change addresses, if you move to another state, or if you make any other superficial changes that might change something like your license. The only information on your social security card is your name and your social security number.

Social Security Card And License

Social Security Card Safety

It is advised that you do not carry your social security card around with you in any case. If you lose your wallet and your social security card is in it, anyone can get your number and apply for things like credit cards on online and other things that may ruin your credit. It is advised to keep your social security card in a safe place, in a fireproof box if you have it, and away from places where people can see it or where it can be easily lost or stolen. Your social security number is unique to you and you should keep it safe. And when it comes to social security safety, there’s plenty more to be mindful of.

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