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Social Security Offices Add Mobile Check-In

What is Mobile Check-In Express?

If you’re like most people you hate waiting in lines, especially having to wait in line just to get a ticket so you can wait some more.  At most Social Security offices you can now utilize a new Mobile Check-In Express feature that will simplify the check-in process. The new mobile process will allow you to receive an electronic ticket and hold your place in line.

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How does the Mobile Check-In Process Work?

When you arrive at a Social Security Administration (SSA) office you should see a sign for Mobile Check-In Express with a QR code to scan. If you don’t see a sign with a QR code, then your SSA office may not be participating in the program.

  • Step 1: Arrive at the Social Security Office

    • You must be at the Social Security Office and make sure your mobile device has location services turned on.
  • Step 2: Scan the QR Code

    • Once you arrive at the SSA office you will see a sign for Mobile Check-In Express, with a QR code for you to scan.  You will need to scan the QR Code.
  • Step 3: Select the Type of Service

  • Step 4: Confirm your Electronic Ticket Number

    • If everything is working properly you should receive an electronic ticket number, then you will know your place in line.
  • Step 5: Remain at the SSA Office

    • You will need to make sure you remain at the Social Security office so that you are present when your ticket number is called.

By utilizing the mobile check-in process you will be able to simplify your next visit to the Social Security Administration office.


The Bottom Line

The new Social Security office mobile check-in options should make your next visit to your local SSA office a bit smoother.  You should hopefully save some time by checking in electronically and receiving a digital ticket number that will save your place in line.

The process is designed to work for both those with scheduled and non-scheduled appointments.  It can also be used if your visit includes services such as requesting a replacement Social Security card, a benefit verification letter, proof of income, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m having issues with the QR Code?

First, you should double-check that you have location services turned on. Second, you should make sure you are using the latest version of your internet browser.  The service is most compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.  If you’re still having issues after trying these few steps, then you may need to skip the mobile check-in and get in line.

What is the benefit of utilizing Mobile Check-In?

Utilizing mobile check-in has a few benefits.  First, it allows you to quickly receive an electronic ticket so you know your spot in line.  Second, it will alert you through your phone when someone is ready to assist you.  Third, it provides you with your interview location information.